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  • Familiarization with the English alphabet sounds through dancing, singing and the 5 senses
  • Visual acknowledgement and production of specific vocabulary
  • Focus on pronunciation & intonation
  • Creativity, games, working together in a team and respect towards its members

A Junior | B Junior | A Senior

  • We speak in English while the mother tongue is used a little to help
  • We learn grammar the natural way without teaching the rules
  • We love doing lots of enjoyable classroom work
  • We learn HOW to learn
  • We have Student portfolios
  • We learn chunks of language and words
  • We read stories, watch videos ,we dance, we cook
  • We instill respect to each other

B Senior | C Senior | D Senior

  • We learn lots of new vocabulary
  • We read longer texts and are taught the different reading techniques
  • We learn grammar through the holistic approach
  • We speak English with ease
  • We enjoy learning new things with Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • We love to hear and watch stories, write our own poems,
    record ourselves on video
  • We participate in the Palso and NOCN exam

B2 & C2

  • We think in English and speak with fluency
  • We analyse long complicated texts and write opinion essays, articles, reviews, formal emails.
  • We use sophisticated vocabulary enriched with idioms, phrasals, collocations
  • We are familiar with the meta cognition techniques and we know the exams time requirements
  • We take mock tests
  • We explain syntax, grammar ,spelling, vocabulary errors through writing tasks
  • We love learning using the latest technology tools
  • We take the Cambridge, NOCN and Michigan exams

Adult Courses

Our adult students can choose among lessons for specific purposes, beginner intermediate, advanced classes, intensive exam based lessons or lessons to improve oral skills. Lessons are available online or through face to face instruction while exams can be taken online if chosen.